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Legris Connectic Products

CPI Pneumatics stock a wide variety of Legris Connectic Push-to-connect fittings, world leaders in fluid automation. Through them we can offer products to suit a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial vaccum to 200 bar as well as different media, such as air, water, oil, foodstuffs or chemical circuits.


Push in fittings

Legris push-in fittings allow rapid, reliable assembly of circuits to convey compressed air, various gases, or liquids at a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Rapid connection and disconnection between fittings and tubes can be done by hand, eliminating the need for tools.


We stock items from a vide variety of the ranges of push in fittings available such as:


LF3000, Polymer HR for compressed air

  • Ideal for pneumatic installations

  • Modern design and compact

  • Vaccum capability (28" Hg)

  • Working pressure up to 20 bar

  • Working temperature from -20°C to +80°C


LF3200, 3 MM Push-in fittings

  • Designed specially for installations with severe size and weight constraints

  • Precise and reliable


LF3600, Nickel-Plated Brass for liquids and gases

  • Designed to convey fluids in moderately aggressive environments or for food applications

  • Conform to stringent FDA requirements and the 1935/2004 EC regulations

  • Vaccum cabability

  • Working pressure up to 30 bar

  • Working temperature from -20°C to +150°C


LF3900 / LF3800, Stainless steel for aggressive fluids

  • Designed to convey fluids in aggressive environments for numerous applications: food industry, chemicals, medical etc

  • Body and sub-base in AISI 316L

  • FKM Seals

  • Vaccum capability 99%

  • Working pressure up to 30 bar

  • Working temperature from -20°C to 120°C


LF6100, Brass for lubrication

  • Designed for circuits that require a strong focus on safety.

  • Double sealing

  • Secure connection design

  • Working pressure up to 60 bar

  • Working temperature from -40C to +120°C

LegrisLF3000 LegrisLF3600 LegrisLF3800

Legris Technical tubes and Hoses

At CPI Pneumatics we stock a selection from the Legris hoses and tubes range, we believe they offer great, cost effective materials which have great durability and flexibility as well as being suitable for a wide variety of applications. Below is an overview of the different lines available which we can supply.


Close tolerance advanced polyamide tubing:

  • Excellent technical alternative to Polyamide 12

  • Designed for industrial automation and transport applications

  • Available in 3 colours and 5 diameters

  • Superior performance to Polyamide 12

  • Produced by a high quality process of manufacturing


Close tolerance flexible polyurethane tube:

  • Designed for applications which require a small bend radius

  • Resists abrasion

  • Comes in polyester (chemical resistance) and polyether (humidity resistance)

  • Available in recoil, twin and anti-spark values


Close tolerance semi-rigid nylon tube:

  • Manufactured with high quality materials and close tolerances

  • Provides excellent pressure and temperature performance and chemical compatibilty

  • Available in standard, recoil, multitube and anti-spark


Close tolerance flouropolymer tube:

  • Designed to meet the most demanding application requirements

  • FEP and PFA tubing offering the widest chemical resistance spectrum while garunteeing excellent flexibility and unsurpassed resistance in pressure/temperature


Braided PVC hose:

  • Food quality PVC hose which is translucent to enable visual confirmation of liquid flow


Self-fastening hose:

  • Constructed with NBR nitrile rubber reinforced with a textile braid on both inner and outer layers

  • Designed for automobile process equipment for both cooling circuits and for many general pneumatic applications


Close tolerance polyethylene tube:

  • Food quality polyethylene tubing providing excellent resistance to aggressive washdown fluid environments


Close tolerance rigid nylon tube:

  • Manufactured to very close tolerances to provide consistently high quality over wide temperature and pressure ranges.

  • Available in many different sizes, lengths and colour to meet application requirements.



  • Tube cutters

  • Stripping tools

  • Pre-grooving tools

  • Ferrules

  • Clips

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