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Lucifer Fluid Connectors

Parker Lucifer is the leading ATEX valve manufacturer in the world, they offer one of the widest product ranges in this market are constantly finding new, simpler and safer solutions.


EPP4 Comfort proportional pressure


The Legris range of EPP4 Comfort proportional pressure regulators offers a wide range of advantages over competitor products. All perameters for them for example, can be adjusted through the easy to use Calys PC software, reducing set up time and therefore cost. Their long life expectancy makes them even more cost effective, and when you couple that with the low maintenence requirement, it's easy to see what gives Legris products the edge over competition.


The regulators themselves are compact and light, constructed of a full aluminium body. The piston is fabricated in a special polyacetal and is equipped with high performance dynamic seals, specially developed by Parker Lucifer for this application. The technology used is fully digital. The cancellation of potentiometers allows customers to realise an easy, safe and precise set up in their production.

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Technical Specifications


Lubricated or non lubricated air and natural gases. Reccomended filtration: 50 μm

Temperature Range:

Ambient: 0 to +50°C

Fluid: 0 to +50°C

Inlet Pressure range:

1 to 12 bar (The inlet pressure must always be at least 1 bar above the regulated pressure)

Outlet Pressure Range:

0.05 to 10bar


± 50 mbar (factory set up)

Air consumption at constant control signal:


Supply Voltage:

24V DC ± 15 % (Max. ripple 1V)

Power consumption:

Max 2.8W with 24V DC and constant changes of the control signal < 1.5W without change of control signal

Control Signal:

Analog 0 - 10V; standard for 0-10 bar;

adjustable. Analog 4-20mA; standard for 0-10 bar; adjustable

Outlet sensor signal:

Insert body text here ...

Analog 0 - 10V; standard for 0-10 bar;

adjustable. Analog 4-20mA; standard for 0-10 bar; adjustable

Digital 0/24V for alarm features:

  • Adjustable pressure error(+/-)

  • Adjustable delay ON

  • Adjustable delay OFF

  • Adjustable logic (+/-)

Outlet sensor signal:

Max. Flow:

G1/4: 70m3/h G1/2: 150m3/h

Safety position:

Control signal failure/-50mV= reg.

pressure drops to 0 bar. Voltage supply fail = reg. pressure maintained

Electrical connection:

M12 -8 pin; male connector power supply/control signal. M12 -5 pin; male connector communication

Life expectancy:

>50 Mio changes of control signal steps

Mounting position:

indifferent (reccomended position: upright; electronic part on top)

protection index:

IP 65


Sillicone free

Electromagnetic compatibility:

EN 61000-6-1:2001, EN61000-6-2: 2001

EN61000-6-3:2001+A11 2004 edition (01/07/07), EN61000-6-4:2001

Installation and setting instructions:

See our "Notice 408128, 408134" and appendix supplied with the product.

Indicative response time:


Filling 2 to 4 bar:

Filling 2 to 8 bar:

Emptying 4 to 2 bar:

Emptying 8 to 2 bar:

With a volume of 330cm cubed at the outlet of the regulator.

G1/4 ~ 50msec  G1/2 ~ 60msec

G1/4 ~ 100msec  G1/2 ~ 120msec

G1/4 ~ 70msec  G1/2 ~ 90msec

G1/4 ~ 130msec  G1/2 ~ 190msec

Resistance to vibrations:

30g in all directions

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