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Rectus Products

Rectus provide products for use with low pressure systems of up to 35 bar for use in the area of liquid and gaseous media. Rectus provides decades of experience in the construction of high quality coupling systems for the widest variety in the low pressure range.


Valve types

The following valve designs are available for selection for different applications.



These coupling systems work with no shut-off valve, which means they can achieve the greatest possible flow. Further, turbulence which can occur with integrated valves is completely eradicated. Straight-through couplings are ideally suited to liquid media e.g. water applications. Before unlocking, the flow must be stopped.

Single Shut-Off

On our single shut-off systems, the plug is designed straight through - although the coupling shuts off immediately when the connection is broken. Appearence of on flow media in the line is effectively prevented. an ideal solution for operating compressed air tools.


Double Shut-off

On our double shut-off systems, after disconnection, the flow stops both in the coupling and in the plug. The medium remains in the hose in both connecting lines, and the pressure is held constant and not released.


Dry-Break Design

Our leak-free coupling systems have valves on the coupling and plug that build up no dead-space volume. Thus, when the connection is broken, no drops of the medium can escape. This variant is especially suitable for transferring agressive media or in sensitive environments such as classrooms.


Compressed air couplings

We can supply five different types of compressed air couplings for different requirements, all with one universal plug profile. Using the Rectus single plug profile products ensures that businesses are secure for any increase in safety requirements in the future.  



Universal compressed air


• Flow rate: 1,000 l/min.

• Working pressure: 35 bar

• Coupling force at 6 bar: 120 N

• Available in brass and stainless steel



Compressed air coupling

for industrial applications:

• Flow rate: 1,800 l/min.

• Working pressure: 35 bar

• Coupling force at 6 bar: 100 N

• Available in brass and stainless steel



Compressed air coupling with ultra high flow rate:

• Flow rate: 2,150 l/min.

• Working pressure: 35 bar

• Coupling force at 6 bar: 75 N

• Available in steel

• 2-component thermoplastic sleeve



Self-venting coupling with thermoplastic sleeve:

• Flow rate: 1,400 l/min.

• Working pressure: 8 bar

• Coupling force at 6 bar: 95 N

• Available in brass

• ISO 4414 DIN EN 983


Self-venting coupling made of steel:

• Flow rate: 2,083 l/min.

• Working pressure: 2 – 12 bar

• Coupling force at 6 bar: 74 N

• Available in steel

• ISO 4414 DIN EN 983